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Chia Berry Jam

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Dips & Sauces | 0 comments

It looks the same, tastes the same, but this raw berry jam is JAM-packed with goodness! And so easy to make!

No refined sugar, no added pectin, no sterilising jars, no boiling and cooling. It couldn’t be more simple.

The secret? Chia seeds! These seeds absorb the water to give a jelly, jam-like consistency.



2 cups of frozen or fresh berries * (I use 1 cup frozen sour cherries & 1 cup mixed frozen berries including blueberries, blackberries & raspberries – thawed).

1/4 cup of chia seeds

2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed orange Juice (or water if oranges out of season)

4 tablespoons of maple syrup, agave or brown rice syrup (more or less to taste)


Add fruit, orange juice and sweetener to a food processor and pulse until just blended (or mash with a fork). Pour into a glass jar and add chia seeds. Mix well and place in the fridge to set (it takes about an hour or so).

Will last about 2-3 weeks in the fridge (if not consumed in a few days like in our household!)

Spread on toast, muffins, scones or on buckwheat pancakes … ooh, and for something out of this world, spread over a cheesecake.


* I mixed it up depending on what berries I have. You can use just one type of berry or mix it up by adding blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or sour cherries. I thaw the berries if frozen so they can easily be mashed with a fork or gently blended.

I would love to try using fresh blueberries or raspberries… or for the festive season, use fresh cherries to make a cherry jam pie … mmmm.


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