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Healthy Tomato Sauce

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Dips & Sauces | 0 comments

When you think hot chips, you think tomato sauce, right? Hot chips and tomato sauce (or fries and ketchup) go hand-in-hand, so when you perfect the recipe for polenta chips, you know you have to take it one step further and make homemade tomato sauce.

A follower of Danielle Walker from Against All Grain, I was thrilled to find her date-sweetened tomato sauce recipe.

The test was going to be whether my boys noticed that it wasn’t All Gold! Serving them a big dollop of homemade tomato sauce with polenta chips, it was so satisfying to watch them gobble down the lot, and hearing them beg for more!

Sweetened only with dates, this preservative, additive and refined sugar-free tomato sauce really does taste like a good store-bought one!

PS: It’s also great on pizza bases with a sprinkle of herbs.


  • 12 – 15 pitted dates, soaked
  • 3 cups tomato puree (or strained tomatoes)
  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons of filtered or spring water
  • ¼ cup plus 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1 garlic clove or ½ teaspoon crushed garlic
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ¾ teaspoon Himalayan or sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground mustard
  • ⅛ teaspoon ground clove
  • ⅛ teaspoon ground allspice


Place the dates in a small bowl and cover with hot water. Soak for 15 minutes.

Drain the dates and place in a processor or blender along with the other ingredients.

Puree until smooth, about 3 minutes.

Pour into a saucepan and simmer on medium-low heat for 30 minutes with lid on.

Let the ketchup cool to room temperature and place it in an airtight container or glass jar with lid. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. The sauce can be frozen for up to 6 months. Freeze it in an airtight container or bag and defrost in the refrigerator overnight.


Recipe adapted from Against All Grain 



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