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Rooibos Iced Tea

by | Dec 21, 2013 | Drinks | 0 comments

Afternoon tea anyone?

To most folk, afternoon tea is a cup of hot Earl Grey tea and scones topped with lashings of jam and clotted cream.

In all honesty I do love an indulgent afternoon tea, but with temperatures reaching 30 degrees, it is an ice-cold thirst-quenching beverage and light snack that I’m after.

A dear friend from college days is back home for the holidays, and it goes without saying that we scheduled each other in during this frantic festive season to have a good ol’ laugh and catch up over a cup of tea.

With a last minute decision to come to my place, instead of reaching for my best tea pot and tray, I put on the kettle to prepare a jug of Rooibos Iced Tea. And with some time to spare, I whipped up some Macadamia Nut Squares smothered in Raw Dark Chocolate.

Fresh off the beach, my friend arrives and we sit outside in the cool of the shade sipping on iced tea in glass jars and munching on decadent nibbles.

Indigenous to South Africa, grown only in the Cedarberg region, I am proud of this piece of our natural heritage. Not only for its taste, but ROOIBOS (aka Redbush) boasts of its powerful antioxidants and high mineral content. And because of its calming effects and being CAFFEINE-FREE, it is also great for kids!

Store-bought Iced Tea often has added preservatives, additives, colourants, corn syrup and other added sugars; so impress your friends this festive season and make your own delicious and inexpensive iced tea.


For one big jug:

4 organic rooibos teabags

1 tablespoon liquid sweetener (rice syrup, maple syrup or raw honey work well)

1 cup boiled water

2-3 cups of cold water 

Tray of ice blocks 


Fresh mint

100% pure organic fruit juice (or juice your own)


Place the teabags in a measuring jug and pour in the hot kettle water. Leave to stand for a few minutes to infuse. Remove teabags and add sweetener and stir until dissolved.

Once cooled pour the tea into a large serving jug, and add cold water and iced blocks. For extra sweetness & flavour, you can add fruit juice. I usually top up with 100% apple juice, but I tried it with Pomegranate juice the other day and it was simply delicious. Add slices of lemon and fresh mint and place in the fridge to cool.

Serve in glass jars along with some tasty nibbles or a platter of freshly cut fruit.


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