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Raw Apple, Ginger & Cinnamon Date Bites

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Snacks | 0 comments

I love that Woolworths stores have cleared out the tempting junk food from the checkout queues, and replaced the shelves with healthier options. Knowing the prices of good nutritious ingredients I can so relate to the high price tag that comes with the healthy snacks, but I also know these snacks are so easy to recreate at home, at a fraction of the cost.

Desperate for something sweet on one of my shopping trips, I gave in and bought the Raw Apple Ginger & Cinnamon Date Bites and wolfed them down. When I got home I was determined to recreate these, and boy was I thrilled with the result!


(Makes about 16 bite size balls)

1 cup dried dates, soaked

1/2 cup dried organic apples

1/2 cup macadamia nuts (or your choice of nuts)

2 tablespoons non-oiled raisins

2 tablespoons almond flour

1 teaspoon cinnamon / nutmeg

1-2 teaspoons of ginger powder

Pinch of Himalayan salt or sea salt






Simply place all ingredients in the processor and blitz until well combined.

Roll into bite size balls.




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